MozEM is a collaboration between the Mozambican Ministry of Health and the US international health non-profit PLeDGE Health to promote, expand, and improve access to emergency care in Mozambique.

Our Impact

This collaboration was founded in 2015 with the original goal to develop the country’s first emergency medicine residency. Since then, we have:

  • Petitioned successfully to the Mozambican Medical Board to recognize Emergency Medicine as a specialty.
  • Created a four-year residency curriculum based on international standards in emergency medicine and based on local input.
  • Attained grant funding to support Mozambican emergency medicine trainees and other specialists with an interest in emergency care to travel to:
    • Pretoria, South Africa, for workshops in emergency care following envenomation and emergency airway management,
    • Sun City, South Africa, for a regional emergency medicine conference,
    • Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, for a six-month training experience with other East African emergency medicine specialists, and
    • Safed, Israel, for a course on trauma system development at the Rambam Insitute.
  • Supported Mozambican physicians in developing clinical research skills.
  • Led seminars for intensive care specialists, surgeons, emergency medicine residents, and generalist physicians in emergency stabilization of critically ill patients.
  • Provided hands-on ultrasound skills workshops at the Maputo Central Hospital, at Mozambique’s principal public medical school, and at two district-level hospitals.
  • Held bi-monthly journal clubs to discuss relevant recent medical literature.

Our Team

unnamedKevin Lunney, MD, PhD

Kevin Lunney is a physician scientist with a unique experience set spanning the fields of health systems management, public health, epidemiology, military medicine and emergency medicine. He has over 5 years on the ground experience in countries including Zimbabwe, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Morocco, Guatemala and Nicaragua. He is currently the Emergency Medicine subject matter expert at the Navy Trauma Training Center and volunteer faculty at the University of Southern California. Dr. Lunney’s military engagement experience covers both humanitarian (Pacific Partnership 2014) and operational (African Lion 2015) missions. He has presented a numerous domestic and international conferences including the Asia Pacific Military Health Exchange (Da Nang, Vietnam 2015 & Kuantan, Malaysia 2016), the African Conference on Emergency Medicine (Accra, Ghana 2012) and Travel Medicine in the Tropics (Bangkok, Thailand 2011). Dr. Lunney’s research interests encompass the development of remote and austere medical systems, patient transport and global emergency medical systems development. Dr. Lunney’s active projects include emergency medicine specialty development programs in Maputo, Mozambique and Harare, Zimbabwe.


MM30301-15JKAbigail Hankin-Wei, MD, MPH

Dr. Hankin-Wei is a medical researcher and medical educator with expertise in emergency department-based public health research, HIV testing and linkage to care, and emergency care pedagogy in low-resource settings.

She has been the Principal Investigator on funded projects including youth violence risk factor identification, drug and alcohol abuse screening and intervention in the emergency department setting, and an HIV screening and linkage to care program which led to no-cost HIV screening over 50,000 patients visiting an urban US emergency department.

She has directed courses for students in the Emory School of Medicine and the School of Public Health, and has expertise in curriculum development for emergency care training.

She has worked clinically and in training physicians and nurses in medically underserved rural communities in the United States, rural communities in the state of Karnataka in Southern India, rural Guatemala, and Maputo, Mozambique. She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications, and has mentored multiple students and junior physicians and nurses through grant application and manuscript development.


Alexandra Rodrigues, MD, PhD

A professor at the University Eduardo Mondlane School of Medicine, Dr. Rodrigues is passionate about the science of educating the next generation of medical educators. She has spent more than 20 years working across Mozambique as well as engaging in collaborations across the region. She has developed educational curricula for Mozambican physicians at all stages of training, and has been involved in research to assess the impact of different pedagogical approaches. As Associate Professor at the University Eduardo Mondlane Department of Morphological Sciences, Dr. Rodrigues oversees curricular development and course implementation. She has also developed and implemented an annual course for entering post-graduate physicians, “Introduction to Clinical Research”, which guides physicians-in-training through the process of asking clinical research questions and developing projects to answer those questions. According to Dr. Rodrigues, the MozEM Project, “Presents an opportunity for me to apply my expertise in medical education, research education, clinical research, and evaluation/monitoring of educational interventions towards the objective of my entire career – improving health for all Mozambicans.”


Otilia Neves, MD

Dr. Neves is the Chief of the Department of Medical Emergencies at the Mozambican Ministry of Health and the founder and director of SEMMO, the Mozambican Emergency Medical System. She has been on faculty at the Eduardo Mondlane School of Medicine and the Maputo Central Hospital for over 30 years, and was instrumental in creating the Internal Medicine residency program, the Intensive Care Unit, and setting up the Central Hospital’s first dedicated patient resuscitation area.  She has been involved in multiple international collaborations to improve emergency care and trauma care in Mozambique, and has presented on this topic at multiple international conferences.

Our Partners

  • PLeDGE Health
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
  • Serviço de Emergência Médica de Moçambique (SEMMO)
  • O Ministerio da Saúde (MISAU)
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